Philips Messenger Phone for Microsoft VoIP

It seems that there's a new VoIP handset on the market everyday, and today is no different, although you have to be a fan of Microsoft's version of Internet telephony if you want to take full advantage of the upcoming Philips Messenger Phone. Sporting a small color display, the plug-and-play VOIP4331S allows you to make free worldwide client-to-client calls over the Windows Live Messenger service or dial standard phone numbers on the cheap via Windows Live Call, and also acts as a regular cordless phone for when you get sick and tired of the crappy audio you're getting with VoIP. Philips promises that this model -- along with a dual-handset version called the VOIP4332S -- will "soon be available" at UK e-tailer Comet, but neither company is quoting prices yet.

[Thanks, Nir S.]