Gigabeat S now on sale... at least somewhere

Yeah, yeah, we've been hearing mild rumblingsabout the impending launch of the Gigabeat S; in our ever vigilant effort to keep our collective ears pressed firmly to the ground we've got something for ya. Now, we don't normally do this, but we were tipped off to a web shop called eTailElectronics apparently located in North Dakota that supposedly has some coveted Toshiba MES60VK 60GB Gigabeat S players -- and is selling them for a solid $55 off MSRP markup, no less (weighing in at $345.99 not including T&S&H). It took us a couple days to get someone on the horn, but they confirmed that they had a few dozen players left, they've been flying out the door, and yes, they were actually really physically sitting right there, waiting to ship. Being that this was a business call in the name of journalistic research, however, we refrained from buying one. It was rough though, believe you us, rough indeed.

[Thanks, Brian]