Robot golf tournament underway in Italy

Over a hundred robots from 28 countries are in Italy this week for the annual World Robot Championships, this time pitting battle-hardened bots against each other in a fierce game of golf -- the crowd has gone deadly silent, a Cinderella story outta nowhere. Former door assembly unit, and now about to become the masters champion. But this game of golf seems to be slightly modified rules as well, with robots playing in pairs, simply having to score points by putting colored balls into same colored holes, losing a point if they hit the ball into the wrong hole -- kinda like robo-goofy golf. So it looks like we won't be treated to the spectacle of robots trekking across the golf course, human caddies in tow; we're not sure if mechaNicklaus going to be in attendance this year, but he's gonna have a helluva time taking out Top Swing this year.