Creative MuVo S200 reviewed

We can't say we were too excited about Creative's MuVo S200 when it was announced a couple of months ago, and now CNET has taken it for a spin and confirmed most of our suspicions. Sure, the player has a cute and tactile -- if flimsy -- build, a roughly 20 hour battery life from replaceable AAA batteries, and all the usual not-made-by-Apple frills like PlaysForSure, FM and a mic. But there just really isn't a lot going on here. The PLED display is minuscule, and the 0.6MB per second transfer speed was the slowest CNET has seen this year. They found the simplicity of the controls appealing and solid to push, but the buttons rattled around when they shook the device. Apparently the on-screen lyrics karaoke feature is a nice addition, and there is some SmartFill software to load the device ala Apple's Autofill, but it lacks most of the "smart" options of Apple's version. At roughly $125 for the 1GB version, the S200 isn't a terrible deal, but we're just not sure what's going to set this apart from the pack.