Pepper Computer announces Pepper Pad 3

Hard to believe there was a first and second Pepper Pad (wait, there weren't two, unless you count that Pepper Pad Plus, which we don't), but it looks like with the recent upgrade to the Pepper Platform 3 comes the Pepper Pad 3 as well. Users can look forward to 50 percent longer battery life (supposedly), faster WiFi (802.11g this time, we presume), an integrated webcam, UPnP support, and a new AMD Geode LX 800 0.9 watt processor (instead of Intel's 624MHz Xscale PXA270). It's supposed to launch in August for $699 -- less than before -- but unless they do something about that cripplingly bad keyboard, unresponsive touchscreen, and dearth of applications developed for the "Web player," we can't imagine this one being any more successful than its predecessor(s).