Cingular launches BlackBerry 7130c

Today Cingular officially took the wraps off their release of the BlackBerry 7130c, the latest SureType message machine from RIM that we were expecting an announcement at any moment. It'll come with the usual 64MB flash and 16MB RAM, a not-quite-QVGA 240 x 260 display, and EDGE data with rates ranging from between $29.99 to $49.99 monthly. Of course, Cingular has another thing coming if they think a 7130c is going to get people to fork over up to $50 a month for unlimited data when even Verizon sells voice and unlimited EV-DO for $80 on the Q, and is asking the same $200 for their phone. Guess Cingular will have until June 12 to think it over before it hits the street.

[Via Pinstack]