Motorola scraps with Razor over "MOTORAZR"

Nothing like a lighthearted trademark lawsuit to break up the gloom-and-doom stories of hot phones that aren't bound for US shores, eh? It seems that Razor USA -- the scooter company -- was understandably concerned back in 2004 that Motorola might encroach on the lucrative, burgeoning scooterphone market and penned an agreement to license the "RAZR" name through October of this year. Motorola figured they could sidestep the agreement by prefixing "MOTO" to "RAZR" and wash their hands of the encroaching expiration date. Razor -- again, the scooter people -- disagreed, prompting Motorola to file the lawsuit. In the meantime, Motorola "will continue to expend substantial funds to complete the transition" from RAZR to MOTORAZR, apparently confident they can overpower a bunch of kids on two-wheeled scooters. How much money can the "transition" from four letters to eight really cost, anyway?

[Thanks, CoreyTheGent]