Do: use flash drives. Don't: use the ones you find on the street

You read Engadget, so you're probably smarter than the next guy when it comes to tech -- unless you're reading Engadget in a room full of nerds or something. So it probably goes without saying that if you picked up a USB flash drive off the street, you wouldn't risk compromising your machine, network, or employer's network by just plugging it in willy nilly, would you? Well, if only the rest of the world were as smart as you, friend; according to a recent Secure Network Technologies Inc. audit of a client credit union, 100% of the trojan-laden, password-collecting, network-compromising USB flash drives they planted outside the client's building were unwittingly plugged in, used, and infected their respective host machines. Should you go sounding alarms throughout your own company about the dangers of thumb drives? No, of course not, but it's probably safe to say end-user security begins with clamped down operating systems and aware, diligent employees -- so what else is new?

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