Pretec's iDisk USB drives go BulletProof

Sure, HP's ballistics-tested StorageWorks XP1200 server is keeping your spy operation humming on the homefront, but what happens when your agents come under fire smuggling sensitive data in the field? Storage expert Pretec knows that people want their USB drives small and secure, and now they've apparently identified a demographic who also want those drives to be virtually indestructible, as evidenced by the recent release of the iDisk BulletProof lineup. As their name suggests, these 20Mbps thumb drives -- which sport capacities between 32MB and 2GB -- are able to not only take a bullet thanks to their "double layers of sealed protective metal," but will also survive unscathed should your enemies happen to set you on fire or submerge you in water while they're shooting at you. The entire set of drives is available immediately, but before rushing out to order one, perhaps you should first step back and consider the lifestyle choices that have made bullet-resistance a feature you so highly value in your portable electronics.

[Via I4U]