Logitech's Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for Mac

Don't worry, Mac fans, Logitech hasn't forgotten about you -- you're just not as important as the rest of your friends who use a Windows box. In fact, just to show you Apple diehards a little extra love, the company has released a version of the Cordless Desktop S 510 that features all your favorite Mac-specific keys and application shortcuts, and manages to one-up the Windows model by swapping out the optical mouse for a laser one. Other than an improved pointing device, though, the Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for Mac rocks the same basic feature set as the S 510 -- media controls, slim/ergonomic design, and both desktop and laptop USB transmitters -- except you don't get the option of paying an extra twenty bucks to step up to a model with a bundled remote. Instead, that twenty will go towards the high-precision laser inside the mouse, because the Mac set costs the same $100 as the remote-sporting, but laser-less, Windows package.

[Via InputReview]