Analyst "confirms" AMD desktops for Dell in September

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Paul Miller
June 14, 2006 4:15 PM
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Analyst "confirms" AMD desktops for Dell in September
We wear a little thin with analysts always doing their analyst thing and telling us what companies are up to with no proof whatsoever, but it sure seems Citigroup Investment Research is pretty confident this time about Dell going AMD in September. They're claiming to have "confirmed from industry sources that Dell will offer an AMD based desktop in September of this year." Dell just added AMD chips to their server line after holding out for years, and also recently bought the AMD-friendly Alienware, both of which has helped continue the constant rumors of Dell using AMD across the line. As for this rumor, there aren't any deets on the actual desktop model, but Citigroup's Glen Yeung is saying that AMD's smarminess about market share expansion this year stems from a deal cut with Dell. Alright, Glen Yeung of Citigroup, we're holding you to this one!
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