Japanese pillow offers napping advice

Until we heard about an upcoming product from Japanese Lofty, we were pretty sure that we knew all about the art of napping (we usually just take one when we're tired), but the company's new high-tech pillow indicates that there's more guesswork involved in naptime than we'd previously thought. Sporting built-in pressure sensors, an LCD display, and what we're assuming is a powerful sleep analysis engine, the pillow seems to do little more than count the number of times your head moves around at night, displaying the resulting data when you wake up in the morning. The sophisticated analysis comes into play when the pillow compares the previous night's movements to your regular sleep patterns (using its impressive ability to identify the bigger of two numbers), and if you had a more restless night than usual, it helpfully suggests that you try to squeeze in a nap or two during the day. Upon learning of this remarkable invention, we dialed up our bosses right away and asked if the Lofty pillow's recommendation carries the same weight as a doctor's note in allowing us to get out of work; unfortunately, it doesn't, so don't expect to see us in line with the other insomniacs willing to throw down a steep $390 when this gets released in September.