Sony unveils "world's smallest" LED projector

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Paul Miller
June 14, 2006 12:40 PM
Sony unveils "world's smallest" LED projector
The mere claim of "world's smallest" almost guarantees there's something floating around that's smaller still, but we can't really recall spying anything in production quite as tiny as Sony's new LED projector. Using three backlit 0.62-inch LCDs and a whopping 14 LEDs of various colors, the projector can output a 800 x 600 image at an acceptable brightness. If you set it up with Sony's proprietary screen technology that helps reject ambient light, the model can display an almost LCD-ish 292cd/m2 brightness across a 20-inch display area, but we can't think many people will be interested in the 58cd/m2 brightness you'll be seeing on normal screens. No word on price, availability or even model number, but we'll keep an eye out for eye-strained, space saving home theater enthusiasts.
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