We've seen Sprint's future, and it's... blurry

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|06.14.06

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We've seen Sprint's future, and it's... blurry
Sprint users, brace yourselves -- we've just been hit with a gaggle of hot (if difficult to read) rumors about Samsung devices due on your carrier. First up is the SPH-A420, a low end clamshell lacking an external display that should be replacing the A560. The A640 is a little higher -- emphasis on "a little" -- in the food chain, adding Bluetooth, PTT, and a VGA camera. The A980, aka "Combo," is new to us -- it features EV-DO and a 1.3 megapixel shooter, but more interestingly, it'll supposedly be Sprint's first CDMA / WiFi dual-mode traditional handset. We're also seeing pictures of an A720, a squared-off flip with dual displays. The "MEGA3," which we're guessing is a code name, is identified in the PowerPoint stack as a "premium camera" of, you guessed it, 3 megapixels. On the Windows Mobile front, the i830 is on its way, finally chock full o' WM5 goodness. Oh, and that rumored A900P with the MicroSD slot Samsung forgot to include on the A900? Apparently, that's a negative; the A900P will end up being a software upgrade alone.
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