Equa's Light Delight LED faucet system

We can't say we're digging Equa's traditional design for their Light Delight faucet system as much as Hansa's more futuristic interpretation, but they're both based on the same idea, which is just as sweet as the first time we saw it. Like the Hansa unit, the Light Delight senses the temperature of the water and turns on a red LED to light up the water when it's hot and a blue LED when it's cold; Equa one ups Hansa though, adding a violet light when the water's just warm -- aren't technological advancements amazing? We're not sure how readily available these are but at least one U.K. retailer is selling a couple of different models in the £400 to £500 range, so start saving your quid -- or just wait for the cheap knock-offs to start flooding in.

[Via Inhabitat]