The curious case of the $2.3m in missing DS Lites

We're not sure what you'd do with as many as 18,000 Nintendo DS units that you swiped alongside a stockpile of games in a container in Hong Kong, but it looks like nearly any number of black DS Lites and games were stolen in a $2.3 million dollar heist en route to Europe for launch later this month. A reward of $1 million HKD (about $129,000 US) was posted by Hong Kong police, but something tells us that the perps and their associates behind this -- easily one of the largest gadget hustles we've yet heard of -- won't be quick to give up some names. Then again, we imagine that tasty reward might be a bit tempting, so be a little cautious when bidding for your next DS on eBay; you know, make sure the quantity isn't listed in the thousands, ok?

[Via Joystiq]