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Today's iPod rumor: designed using a "none-touch" concept

What can we say -- iPod rumors are a hot commodity, and we find it quite tantalizing when the Chairman of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. -- one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world and an Apple contractor on iPod manufacturing -- starts talking about Apple's next player. According to a Bloomberg report, Chairman Terry Gou said, "Apple is about to unveil the next generation of iPod, the best-selling music player in the U.S., using a 'none-touch' concept." Ok, well, how much of that is paraphrased and lost in translation is yet to be seen, but before we take that "none-touch" concept business away and start dissecting it (obviously we're totally hoping it's a brain-interface that doesn't require touching the precious, easily-scratched surface), we'd like to at least hone in on that bit about Apple getting ready to unveil the next iPod shortly. Enjoy, fanboys and haters.