Collectible Metroid statue; where's Samus?

The guys at First 4 Figures dropped us a tip to let us know about their upcoming Metroid Prime Hunters collectible, a 9" tall figurine of super-soldier bounty hunter Kanden.


Oh, Kanden. He's one of the six "hunters" in Metroid Prime Hunters. Yeah, the ones that most people thought were annoying in the otherwise stellar single-player game. What is cool about the statue is that it was recreated from the actual game data (like this guy), so expect a slightly less polygonal -- though highly accurate -- collectible. The website says the figurine will "feature an interconnecting base with the other upcoming hunters." Does that mean we will get a Samus? She's a bounty hunter! Samus is coming ... but not in just one suit. Oh no, we'll have four versions to plunk our would be gaming dollars down on, as well as all the other Hunters.

As long as we're on the topic of the Hunters, am I the only one who thought their names sound sort of like American Gladiators: Noxus, Stylux, Spire, Trace, Weavel, and of course, Kanden?

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[Update: Noted that they're making additional figurines, including Samus. More info here.]