The 10 megapixel Cinevision 2006 movie projection system

Oh yeah, and speaking ofSuper Hi-Vision, say hello to Cinevision's new so-called 2006 digital movie projector system casts a 5000 x 2000 picture up on the screen. That's ten million freaking pixels, by our count. Granted, 5k -- what they're calling the technology because, you know, that horizontal pixel count -- is actually comprised of five projectors running simultaneously with spatially synced imaging courtesy of Fraunhofer IIS technology. Cinevision claims that a 90 minute 5K movie will only set you back 45GB of space -- perhaps a bit much for online distribution, but a cakewalk for multi-layer next gen optical like HD DVD or Blu-ray. That is, of course, assuming they're not totally exaggerating about a totally artifact-free 10 megapixel film only taking 45GB. Watch out though, Sony, it's the Cinevision 8k movies with 16 megapixel pictures that's what we're clearing out space for in our home theater booths; should only be, what, a few kilowatts of halogen power? Easily done.