American Apparel opens up shop in SL

Clothing-retailer (and our choice for the Joystiq ringer-tees) American Apparel has recently opened a virtual store in the virtual world of Second Life. In it, Second Lifers will be able to peruse the digital racks and purchase, in true SL fashion, buy clothing for their avatars in addition to the real life counterparts. Of course, American Apparel's simple styles may appear anemic next to the more colorful creations of other Second Lifers. MTV News quotes Raz Schionning, director of Web services at American Apparel, who says, "Everyone else has wings and devil horns and all the rest ... So it'll be curious to see if a red T-shirt makes sense."

The real question is, with only 200,000 virtual inhabitants, why does a virtual storefront for a company like American Apparel make sense? Well, publicity of course! Forbes covered their in world presence, comparing it to similar ventures by Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros.. American Apparel's fashion-centric approach and socially-conscious sensibility seem to jibe better with the culture of Second Life. Will the attempt net AA anything more than good press?

[Via GameSetWatch]

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