"Black Tie Edition" Treo 650 is real, shipping in US

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|06.20.06

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"Black Tie Edition" Treo 650 is real, shipping in US
Well, color us a bit surprised. It turns out that the rumored "Black Tie Edition" Treo 650 for Asia-Pacific was not only real, it's coming to this side of pond as well. The specs sadly haven't changed from what we've reported before: you get the same old Treo 650 repackaged in black, a unique hard case, a dual-purpose stylus/pen, and that's about it. The Black Tie Edition is shipping immediately for a whopping $599 unsubsidized; we're not holding our breath for our 700p-toting readers to make the switch, but for folks on GSM carriers, this is now the snazziest Treo money can buy.
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