Denon's DVD-3930 upscaler plays it all

Comprehensive format support is becoming more and more the norm, and we have no problem with that. Denon is joining the club with their new DVD-3930, which can upconvert DVDs to 1080p and output over HDMI (with some HDCP in the mix), along with supporting SACD, DivX, MP3 and WMA. The new 10bit upconverter chipset, along with the 192khz/24bit digital audio converter, makes for some high quality entertainment, though the $1,900-ish pricetag will probably leave this to the audio and videophiles. Denon is also trotting out the DVD-2930 for a "mere" $1100 which we're sure lacks some must-have processing capabilities, but on the surface seems to offer most of the functionality of its big brother. Both players should be out in July.

[Via Akihabara]