Napster dives into DAP-land with two new players

We're not sure if they're just embarrassed for some reason, or if the PR wheels aren't quite in motion yet, but Napster ever-so-quietly released two new DAPs today -- the first to bear their branding alone. The two models look fairly generic, though nice, and neither is an incredibly obvious rebadge from what we can tell -- which makes us all the more curious as to why Napster isn't parading these things around. Right now the players are only available as a special deal with a one year Napster To Go subscription, with the 256MB flash player going for the low low price of free, and the 1GB version (we're guessing flash as well) a mere $50. If you were planning on locking yourself into a $15 a month Napster payment anyways, it doesn't look like you could go too wrong here, though we have very little info on the players other than capacities. But if Napster has managed to design these reasonably slim, and with some decent battery life, we think they might have an attractive offering on their hands.