Penny Arcade feels your GRAWful pain

Do you have the GRAW blues? Do your eyes burn with a crimson fire as the phrase "1200 points" etches itself into the back of your skull? There is only one answer to your existential funk: write a folk song about it! That's how they did it in the sixties, anyway.

Well, the fancy lads at Penny Arcade are one step ahead of you, and Tycho has written an acoustic ballad to ease your troubles.

"You'll pay twenty when it should
be ten, and ten when it should be five:
and you'll pay five when it should
be free, as sure as you're alive."

The song refers to the old 8 hot dogs/10 hot dog buns dilemma: GRAW content costs $15, but you can't buy $15 worth of points. You can buy $20 worth or you can buy $10 worth, effectively making $20 the real cost of the new GRAW content. Oh, those devious microtransactions!

And since we're on the topic, don't forget to vote in our GRAW poll. We'll discuss the results on Sunday.