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Survey says: 20% of MacBooks are discolored

Survey says: 20% of MacBooks are discolored
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|June 27, 2006 11:27 PM
Either TUAW readers have especially sweaty, acidic, bacteria-ridden palms, or they're being hit hard by the MacBook discoloration issue so many have dreaded might strike their own smooth, plastic Apple laptops. Granted, you can't really take a poll with 1,556 votes to mean anything about a problem of this nature -- especially with so many haters and fanboys out there just waiting to bust out a script and tilt the scales -- but there's one company that knows just how many MacBooks have been seeing this issue, and until that one company issues a recall it's unlikely we're going to know just how severe this problem really is.

P.S. -If you're having MacBook discoloration, don't be shy about sounding off in our comments. We're here for you, people, let it all out.
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