Delphi hits up GM SUV owners with high-end navigation system

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Delphi hits up GM SUV owners with high-end navigation system
Despite their troubles, Delphi is still kicking it with their auto add-on business, now pushing a premium navigation system designed for most 2003-2006 GM light trucks and SUVs, including the Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, Trailblazer, GMC Envoy, Yukon, and Cadillac Escalade, among others. The Delphi TNR800 (Touch Screen Navigation Radio) combines DVD-based GPS navigation with AM/FM/CD capabilities in a package sporting a fairly largish 6.5-inch touchscreen that blends in neatly with your vehicle's console. What's more, the system is able to interact with other pre-installed GM options like XM, On-Star, DVD systems, and CD changers, as well as the vehicle's computer system itself, picking up speed information and no doubt telling you how good or bad a driver you are. All this comes at a price, of course -- $1,999 when it drops before the end of the month.
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