Compulab's tiny ass PC

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Paul Miller
June 29th, 2006
Compulab's tiny ass PC
It's nothing new these days to have a full-fledged Pocket PC squeezed into seemingly impossible form factors -- HTC's Star Trek comes quickly to mind -- but we're pretty sure Compulab is breaking some new ground with their CM-X270L mini PC. A mere two-thirds the size of a credit card, the 1.7 by 2.6-inch device holds an XScale processor, 512MB of flash memory, 128MB of RAM, a sound card and 802.11b WiFi. The device also manages extra snazz such as a PCI bus and 4 USB host ports, putting this thing beyond the realm of the average PDA. Obviously, those hugemongeous antennas put a little bit of a damper on this thing's portability, but we're guessing this thing needs a few extra components to get moving anyways, so we'll let 'em fly for now. The best news is that the device not only runs Windows CE and Linux, but goes for $47 a piece if you buy 'em 10,000 at a time. We're sure that smartphone and PDA manufacturers will be more than happy to pass the size and cost savings on to us consumers.

[Via The Inquirer]
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