Microsoft teases with wireless backlit keyboard

It's not often that you see a teaser campaign for the utilitarian keyboard, so it's safe to assume that a wireless backlit model Microsoft has in the pipeline must be something pretty special. Although not many details are revealed in the flash demo for what is only known as the "ultimate keyboard," it looks to be a Bluetooth-based system that includes a pointing device on the 'board along with a mouse for desk work, with both components seemingly getting their juice through induction from a SplashPad-like mat. Even the illumination system sounds pretty high-tech, as it not only contains a sensor to detect ambient lighting conditions, but actually shuts itself down when it realizes you've stepped away from the keyboard. Like we said, Microsoft is pretty light on the deets here, so you'll have to wait on specs, pricing, and availability until Redmond is good and ready to give them up.