Pegaso's VIBONE EZ-80WP: for underwater, skull vibrating fun

Here's the tired buzzword, catch-all product for the day: Pegaso's waterproof, bone-conducting VIBONE EZ-80WP headset. Besides being yellow and dark gray to camouflage your ear-grub, these babies vibrate the skull, not the air, in order to bring the beat to your auditory nerve. It's that little trick which makes 'em ideal for use underwater, or in space for that matter, you decide chief. Available starting July 15 in Japan for ¥19,800 or a whopping $170 bills. Hmm, reminds us this little ditty: the skull-bone's connected to the, Vi-bone, the Vi-bone's connected to the, ass-hat...or something like that.

[Via Impress]