Pure's PocketDAB 1500 gives you the 411

We don't cover a lot of DAB devices 'round these parts because really, we don't have much cause to in the United States. But just because the bespoke digital audio broadcasting standard has yet to find its way onto American airwaves doesn't mean we can't appreciate a nice DAB toy every now and again, like Pure's new thinner, lighter, more pocketable PocketDAB 1500. Successor to the PocketDAB 2000, the 1500 features an analog FM tuner with RDS, textSCAN, which allows you to pause the text scrolling on-screen should you need to jot it down, a replaceable rechargeable battery, and stock Sennheiser MX300 earbuds. Oh sure, we think £90 (about $160 US) is bit steep for a portable digital radio, ourselves -- unless it's something like an XM or Sirius device that with some memory and MP3 playback -- but to each broadcast music listener his or her own.

[Via TechDigest]