Sony's Microvault Tiny USB drive for the ladies

We're still not sure why you'd want to buy a USB thumb drive so small that you'll probably lose it within the first week, but that hasn't stopped companies like Pretec, Lexar, OCZ, and PQI -- and now Sony -- from battling it out until one of them finally achieves the holy grail of a completely invisible storage solution. Well even though they may not be the smallest drives around, Sony's new 1.5-gram Microvault Tiny line is looking to stand out from the crowd by sporting "fashionable" cases for appealing to the female demographic -- although it's not clear how many women will be into outdated designs that resemble 20th Century iMacs. Only available in South Korea for now, the drives range in capacity from 256MB ($30) to 2GB ($124), and in one of the strangest promotions we've ever seen, actually come with a bottle of matching nail polish as a free gift-- so even if you lose the drive, you can still look down at your hands and reminisce about all the good times you and your Tiny had reading and writing data together.

Update: Some eagle-eyed readers have already spotted these devices Stateside at Target, so scratch that part about exclusive South Korean availability.

[Via Shiny Shiny]