Sony Cybershot DSC-H5 reviewed

The good folks at Digital Photography Review have come through with a typically thorough review of Sony's latest prosumer camera, the Cybershot DSC-H5 -- the bigger, blacker counterpart to Sony's DSC-H2, both of which were announced way back in February. On the whole, they found the camera to perform virtually identical to the H2, which they also gave a big thumbs up, once again digging the big 12x optical zoom, great image quality, loads of features, and decent battery life out of a pair of AAs. Also like the H2, the H5 lacks a RAW or TIFF mode and the image stabilization isn't quite as effective as that from some other camera manufactures. That means you'll have to decide for yourself if the extra megapixel of resolution (seven as opposed to six), larger LCD (three inches versus two), and black body is worth the extra hundred bucks or so over the H2.