Archos roadmap reveals WiFi-, DTV-, and 3.5G-enabled PMPs

In a refreshing change of pace from the frustrating veil of secrecy under which most consumer electronics companies keep their future plans, Archos has done us all a big favor and posted a roadmap highlighting some of the technologies we can expect to see in its upcoming devices. Most prominently featured in this so-called investor kit is one of the models we spotted in a Swiss catalog last month, which is now starting to look very much like the ultimate PMP: besides a 30GB hard drive and 4.3-inch screen, it seems the 504 will also sport the always-popular docking cradle, along with WiFi, GPS, and even a 3.5G cellular modem for pulling in Internet TV broadcasts and direct downloading of purchased content. We also saw what looks like a revised version of the AV 700 called the AV 700 TV (pictured), which appears to have no less than four antennas sticking out of the top for tuning into Freeview and presumably other OTA digital TV formats. Keep your eyes peeled, video fans, because it sounds like Archos is really planning to shake things up this year by packing in more connectivity options than anyone else on the market -- and that's just fine with us.

[Thanks, Bray]