Navman iCN 750 GPS navigator with NavPix reviewed

Remember those new Navman GPS units launched back in March featuring integrated digital cameras for the new NavPix system? Well, PocketNow got their hand on the top-end iCN 750 in-car navigation system to see just how useful downloading location-mapped pictures can be. The unit's "pretty GUI" was up and running right out of the box thanks to the US maps coming pre-loaded on the 4GB internal hard drive. Nice, right? Only thing is, data stored on that relatively slow disk drive (instead of flash memory) resulted in "sluggish" screen-to-screen transitions. Still, the highly touted NavPix feature was so useful for navigation that the reviewer claims it will be emulated "much like the iPod clickwheel" soon enough. High praise indeed. In fact, we should expect Navman to start offering guided city tours whereby you can download an itinerary of coordinate-tagged photos for your destination city -- just tap the picture and hit "go" to navigate to a point-of-interest. The iCN 750 would have pulled more than the 4/5 overall rating had it included 4GB of flash memory to speed things along, a non-reflective coating to help out in direct sunlight, and a battery indicator right up front on the main menu. All in all, a pretty sweet setup for the $700 beans required to take this high-end navigator home.