The future of TV: HDTV or no TV at all?

HDTV is the future of TV; right? It should be if we have anything to do with it, but there is also the notion that TVs are not needed anymore. That's right, no TV. There are a growing number of people in our society that no long want, or need, a television. Think about it. You can get your news online, or even the local newspaper. How many TV shows do you follow on a regular basis? All we want to know is it worth it to you?

Us? Well, it is ether HDTV or nothing. Once you go high-def you will never go back. Sure, it is more convenient to jump on a website for news, but most techies will still sit down and watch the evening news. If you are thinking of axing your TV 'cause there is simply nothing on when you are ready for some good TV, we feel you, just give a DVR for a spin. Many people are tired of what cable, or satellite offers but a DVR changes the game.

As for the no TV, crazy...simply crazy.