Kensington's iPod FM transmitter with RDS

Ever wonder what that "RDS" function was on your car stereo? Now your iPod has the ability to show you, as this particular FM transmitter takes full advantage of the often overlooked feature. The folks at Kensington are releasing yet another iPod FM transmitter into the mix, but have added quite a nice feature previous models have lacked. Along with charging your iPod, offering three FM stations to be programmed into memory, and coming in a stylish black and chrome finish to match your car's interior, this unit now displays the song name and artist information on your RDS-enabled car stereo. Kensington's RDS FM Transmitter/Car Charger for iPod plays nice with 4th-gen iPods and newer (nanos and videos included) but fails to support Apple's 3rd-gen player (even though it has a dock-connector, oddly enough). Watch for the $89.99 device to drop later this month.

[Via Playlist]