Matsushita's biggest eva

It took a while for them to get all 103 of those inches in order -- we first saw this display in January at CES, and were promised a 2006 release in April -- but Matsushita is finally ready to sell their "world's biggest plasma" to well-heeled customers with large empty spaces on their walls. At 473 pounds, you'd better hope that's an incredibly strong wall, but as for price we're still in the dark. With a 1080p resolution, and a 3000:1 contrast ratio, the only display that comes close to this is Samsung's 102-incher, but not only does it miss a whole inch of real estate, Samsung still hasn't offered theirs up for sale yet. Around 5,000 of these will be made each year, so if you want to nab one by the holidays we recommend you pull out an indescribably large wad of cash and head on over to Japan before we beat you to it.