Artillery-grade Motorola i580 relased on Sprint-Nextel

Continuing on a trend of newly unveiled everything-proof devices, we present Motorola's i580 phone. This beast is made to withstand the everyday abuses a cell phone takes and pretty much everything else you could possibly subject it to. Dust, steep falls, extreme temperatures, rain, and solar radiation won't harm the iDEN-capable device released on the Sprint-Nextel network. Aside from being one of the most resilient phones available, this clunker actually has a surprising array of features for its class. You'll get a 176 x 220 pixel screen, 1.3 megapixel camera (with video capability), Bluetooth, GPS, microSD, and the modern convenience of PTT that utilizes Direct Talk for off-network usage while exploring. The actual talk time, however, is lacking; you'll only get 2.75 hours of talking in on a full charge. The built-in insurance that comes with such a rugged phone doesn't come cheap: it's available now for $229.99 when purchased with a 2-year contract.

[Via Mobile Whack]