SelectaVision VideoDiscs Vs. LaserDisc

The latest format war is all the rage these days as things really start to heat up. Everyone loves to compare it to Beta vs VHS, but what about the last Video Disc format war? No this isn't the first one, while most of us were in diapers our parents generation had a choice between SelectVision (aka CED) and Laserdisc. Now we all know who won, but the battle is what is interesting.

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Reader and Podcast listener Mark writs his recollection of the war.

Well the Laserdisc story (according to me) goes like this -

RCA announces CED disc - Tons of major studios supporting it. Several manufacturers as well.

Pioneer buys the license to Phillips Laserdisc with One major studio support (MCA/Universal - Odd note: their only backing HD DVD presently) and only Pioneer making players.

(the magnavox/Phillips unit pulled)

I bought Laserdisc. I had only Universal movies as I watched the massive marketing campaign for RCA CED Disc, TV spots, displays everywhere, Hundreds of Movie titles in stores, etc..)

It took 2 years in my memory, then RCA pulled the plug on CED and Laserdisc slowly grew. More studios, more manufacturers.

Maybe that's why I favor Toshiba with their HD DVD format. I went through this with the underdog in the 80's and it paid off.

Interesting that this comparison fits with the current format war

What do you think, how do you remember the format war? Is this more comparable to HD DVD vs Blu-ray than Beta vs VHS?