DS Lite Stress Test

We've known for quite some time that Nintendo products tend to be very, very durable. Why, I myself once left my Game Boy Advance SP on top of my car, and started to drive away; only at around 40 M.P.H. did the SP finally fly off into heavy traffic, careening onto pavement and quite literally getting run over twice. Sure enough, despite the number on the paint job, the damn thing still functioned perfectly. But I digress.

Here we have a short video showing a sick, pathologically insane human being attempting to crush a DS Lite into utter submission. While he succeeds in making the fanboys shield their eyes to avert the pain, he absolutely fails to do any lasting damage to the unit. Rock on, Nintendo.

Oh, and for bonus material, follow the link to watch several Xboxes set aflame.

[Thanks, Richard!]