Eyedrop robot at high-tech medical devices expo

A smorgasbord of new medicaldevices are on display through tomorrow at the International Modern Hospital Show 2006 in Toyko, Japan, and we're seeing some impressive robots get face time at the expo. Specifically, a lovable teardrop-shaped unit caught our, um, eye; the Muu Socia 3.0 is a brilliant social mediator that facilitates conversation between the care giver and care taker by adding interjections and livening up the chat (saywha?). This little fella is pretty advanced, too: voice recognition, voice synthesis, speech recognition, and even facial recognition aren't beyond its abilities. Who wouldn't want a colorful cyclopic raindrop around in case the small talk gets stale? And don't even think of turning your back on it; just watch it get a little jumpy when something gets in the line of duty.

[Via Pink Tentacle]