Apple's Mac Pro case, same as the old case (almost)

According to Apple Insider's latest information, it looks like Apple's upcoming Intel-based Mac Pro desktop is going to end up looking pretty much the same as the current Power Mac G5 that it's replacing, with only a couple of small modifications. The biggest change is the addition of a second optical drive slot (seen in an artist's rendition, above), which Apple Insider rightly speculates will probably ship empty in the initial units, giving users the choice to add a Blu-Ray or HD DVD drive as their wallet permits. The other change comes at the rear of the unit, where the power supply has been moved further to the top, bringing it more in line with Windows PC designs. Of course, this could just be a diversion to make it an even bigger surprise when Jobs unveils a radically redesigned system at a hastily arranged "special event", but we wouldn't bet on it.

[Thanks, Bababooie]