Study: many don't know the model of their phone

We can understand your phone's model name slipping your mind. Heck, we've even confused the occasional Nokia 6680 with a 6682. In a study commissioned by consulting group LogicaCMG, British research firm Ipsos MORI has found that 49% of surveyed users feel the pain, unable to recall their phone's model on command. More frightening, though, is that full 9% of folks don't know the model or make of their piece. As LogicaCMG's COO points out, "many operators could well be trying to sell advanced data services based on the incorrect assumption that the users they are communicating with have basic knowledge of their own handsets." We shudder to think that the under-informed masses could slow down 3G rollouts that are already poking along at a turtle's pace in some parts of the world, but we can see how being unable to distinguish a Samsung from a Sony Ericsson could limit your ability to make use of, oh, pretty much any feature beyond voice calling.