Infinium changes name to Phantom Entertainment

We're trying to overlook the glaring irony in "Phantom" Entertainment, especially since year after year this company has been the most prominent vaporware hit since Duke Nukem Forever, but we just can't ignore the latest bit in their Phantom's comedy of errors that now has our favorite gaming company officially changing name in hopes of "invigorating its marketing approach." The path forward as of a few months ago had Infinium getting ready and set to change their name, the Phantom Lapboard set for release in Q2 of this year (wait, that's right now), and their Phantom Game Service to follow suit, but in a recent blurb from CEO Greg Koler, he astoundingly couldn't provide announcement dates for either. Previously blaming the annoyance of lawsuits and an inability to come up with $11.5 million, we've yet to hear a more recent excuse as to why we should still put faith in the powers at Phantom, but they did accomplish one thing: changing that name, and issuing another six hundred million worthless shares of stock. Regardless of the never-ending delays, we're keeping our fingers crossed, because the new and (potentially) improved Phantom Entertainment could seriously rattle the gaming market, erm, someday. And in the mean time, let the pumping and dumping begin!