The new bacon PSP Fanboy video sandwich

Yes, it appears as if this late-night video update is slowly turning into a regular feature. For those of you with the late night video munchies, have I got a few treats for you. Once again, it's the same format as last time: crunchy video top and bottom with smooth talking by me in the middle. Best of all, tonight's update involves bacon. Seriously. In the top video, a thief must decide what they will steal: bacon or PSP? You'll have to watch the video to find out, but let me ask... who the heck leaves bacon lying around? If this is a common phenomenon, I too will become a bacon bandit.

You won't be impressed by the robber's ninja moves, but you will be impressed by this impressive fighting montage created by a fan. It really fits the music well, and I can see Sony wanting to use an ad like this for real. Check it out, because I thought it was pretty cool.

The bottom half of my sandwich was deleted by the user. Maybe it was too good for its own good? However, the videos keep on coming when you're on the internet. An inspired fan who saw the Loco Roco station decided to walk around and capture it on film for us not fortunate enough to live in Japan. Check it out, and wallow in your lack of Sony-branded train stations.