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Follow-up: Panasonic 103-inch pricing

Following up on a story we wrote about earlier and got some estimates on this week, Panasonic has announced US pricing and availability for their massive 103-inch plasma that will be released later this year. The TH-103PZ600U has 1080p capability, a 4000:1 contrast ratio, and 4,096 steps of gradation, and will be yours for a mere seven hundred Benjamins -- US$ 70,000 -- and is expected to be available for delivery in time for Christmas 2006. Considering you may have to hold off on the payment for your new BMW 750 in order to pick one of these up, you can feel safe knowing that Panasonic has thrown in a three-year in-home warranty. Because each of these plasmas is built to order, and in no small part because of their size, they will have to be professionally installed, so be sure to save a couple of bottles of Dom Perignon for the unveiling ceremony. For those of us with normal budgets, the press release recommends we simply buy four 50-inch plasmas and duct-tape them together (okay, not exactly, but it would be cool to see! New addition to the Flickr pool anyone?)

[ via TVPredictions and Electronic House ]