Sega Saturn controller hacked to work with Xbox 360

If you've got a flair for retro gaming, or you just hate the design of the Xbox 360 controller, you'll be interested in this clever adapter project that give your old Sega Saturn pad, which is revered by fans of 2D fighters, the ability to control your brand new 360 games. The job required a gutted wireless 360 controller – that's right, it's wireless – a few common electronic components and about 2.5 months of work. From the video provided in the thread, it looks to function solidly, avoiding expected problems like the nightmarish button lag that could've rendered the whole thing completely useless. We know not many of you are going to be rushing to your workshops to try this, but every 360 mod we see gives us a little more hope that the hack (and accompanying tutorial) we've all been waiting for is coming sooner than later. But, until then, you'll have to watch out for this guy and his new rig on Xbox Live Arcade -- unless you have one of these on your coffee table.