Hiroshi Ishiguro builds his evil android twin: Geminoid HI-1

Seems like Hiroshi Ishiguro decided that if he's going to be a roboticist he might as well be a total badass about it, and has developed an "angry eyes" version of himself, the Geminoid HI-1. Other than a few Parent Trap inspired shenanigans we're sure he pulls on fellow researchers at ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories near Kyoto, Ishiguro is mainly using the bot to teach his classes for him, and creep out students with lifelike movements such as blinking, "breathing" and fidgeting. The bot can be remotely controlled via a motion capture system that tracks Ishiguro's mouth movements and allows the bot to speak his voice -- or that of an assistant if he's feeling particularly listless. The incredible realism comes from silicone molds cast from Ishiguro's own body, similar to the process behind a certain female resident of the uncanny valley, and is a bit of an experiment in the viability of telepresence. Ishiguro wants to find out if he can really command the attention of a classroom with a mere robot doppelgänger, but we're sure he doesn't mind skipping that commute either.