Siemens SL-65 Interceptor spy phone

So the premise of spying on someone, whatever the reasons, is definitely not new to cellphones. The incessant paranoia keeps gadgets likethese popping up every so often -- but the Siemens SL-65 takes high-end voyeurism to an even darker corner. As you'd probably imagine, you dial up the device's super-secret number to instantly surreptitious listen in on whatever's happening up to five meters away from the mic. For even more "proof" of an ongoing scandal, the phone will automatically send the caller an SMS whenever a call is made or received, so you can spend ever more time wondering who's calling at 1:00AM. Spyphones even goes so far as claiming no technician can ever identify its secretive nature (unless of course they read Engadget), but at €1,699.00 ($2,169.96 USD), the SL-65 is only slightly less expensive than a private investigator -- and we do stress slightly.

[Via MobileWhack]