Future PSP plans revealed at Comic Con

You wouldn't necessarily think that San Diego's annual Comic Con would be a hotbed of videogame news, but this year's event proved different, as Sony revealed a number of exciting future plans for the PSP. At a seminar called PSP University (man, we sure wish we could have spent our college years at that institution), company execs confirmed that the portable console will indeed work as a remote for the PS3, and that the upcoming firmware update will support RSS video feeds for the built-in web browser. Furthermore, Sony is apparently in talks with wireless providers to provide more Nintendo DS / Wayport-like hotspots for online gaming, and is also looking at ways to bring downloadable movies to PSP owners -- which sounds to us like another foot in the grave for the almost-dead UMD. Not all the news here is good, however, as those folks expecting a Sony-branded keyboard for their console will likely be in for a disappointment; in fact, the company has no plans whatsoever to improve text entry on the PSP at all. Other new info centered around games and demos, and since that's not really our bag, we'll leave those details to other fine publications like Joystiq and PSP Fanboy.

[Via PSP Fanboy]